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Our tagline

The Sinar Project is an initiative using open data, technology and applications to systematically make important information public and more accessible to the Malaysian people.  It aims to improve governance and encourage greater citizen involvement in the public affairs of the nation by making the Malaysian Government more open, transparent and accountable.

Open Government

The four main goals are all interconnected, and one may not be possible without the other. Sinar partners or supports other organizations working on all points, but our expertise lies in enabling environment reusing & building tools for electronic communications and access via Open Technologies and methodologies.


Promoting a Culture of Openness

  • Open Technology
  • In short, being able to share is good. Not being able to share freely is bad. The controls to make sure you can’t share knowledge and ideas freely however is complex and cuts across all industries.

    Open Data

    Open data is digital data that is made available with the technical and legal characteristics necessary for it to be freely used, reused, and redistributed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    International Open Data Charter (intro to principles of Open Data)

    Malaysian status for Global Open Data Index (key areas)

  • Open Source/Free Software
  • Licensing provides freedom to copy freely, study and modify.


  • Open Access & Open Content
  • Open access is about people being able to access knowledge and information freely (and also share it freely with others)


    Creative Commons, A2K or Access to Knowledge Movement

    Reading: Free Culture

  • Open Standards
  • SIM card, Word Document, electrical power point are all forms of standards, when standards are not accessible to others freely, they can prevent use or access to devices and information. Malaysian example. MyKad reader. Because it’s proprietary, people are not able freely build devices using MyKad authentication.

  • Open Government
  • A combination of all of the above in terms of access, but also aspects of meritocracy and transparent engagement in development process (such as new legislature, problem reporting etc.)


    Access to Elected Representatives and Decision Makers


    Social Audit


    Making Government Information Transparent

    Open Data Portal Malaysian CSO portal for sharing datasets email for account to upload individual or organization data. Look here if looking for Sinar data.

    Sinar Project API’s

    Parliamentary Documents (submitted Bills to parliament)

    Open Spending/Budgets

    Is a project to make Malaysian government budgets available as open data and browsable on


    Human Rights Framework

    Our goals and projects are also within human rights framework, as such knowledge of Human Rights and collaboration/support of other organizations in this area is important.


    Digital Rights

    Due on-line and technical nature of Sinar work, we work in defending digital rights to ensure that our work work continues to be able to be accessed, used and discussed in on-line and digital space without restrictions.

    How do we work?

    Asking questions the smart way


    IRC #sinar - webclient

    Linux client, windows client


    If you are public community member, feel free to email for invite to join our community and project chat groups.


    Hackpads - for notes

    Trello - for day to day project management

    Google Drive


    We are a community project, be mindful of engagement, Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a good baseline:

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  • UndiMsia 
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  • Poplus
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  • Opening Parliament