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mohamad hafiz yusof

882 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by jweng.leow@gmail.com , Khairil Yusof , mohamad hafiz yusof 882 days ago
jweng.leow@gmail.com Open data: Mampu public private consultation (dtsa) data terbuka sektor awam
jweng.leow@gmail.com People observed/get contact: jupem,spad, lmm
Title of the event/seminar/debate/lightning talk/round table discussion:
Links to the event page:
sweemeng n Transcript Note goes here
knowledge sharing dtfa
Wish list from community
What innovative new use cases? March 2014 jitik(jawatankuasa it dan internet kerajaan)
cluster data: transportationtransportation, ekonomi, pertanian, kewangan, sosial/kebajikan,pendidikan, pelancongan
September, hackathon, 24 hours
Data set for transportation , bus pengendali from spad, car rental license .. Data free
Spad: traffics for each hour, data
sweemeng n =====================================================================================
Comment goes here
jweng.leow@gmail.com Ideas/question
Feedback/voting channel, data champion triage
Gtfs raw/streaming
Feedback to get data
Khairil Y
  • Road Safety data from MIROS
  • Lists of government standard codes eg. type of roads, type of offices, type of departments, types of areas, codes for areas, types of buildings etc.
  • GIS info of facilities location of roads, crossings, traffic lights, bridges etc.
  • GIS administrative boundaries, local councils, SPAD, MHA (all tolled highways), federal agencies etc.
For example.. Traffic light broken where is this info from/responsible? JKR? MPSJ? PLUS? Private?
Kewangan - budgets/expenditure of government agencies should be available in CSV/XLS

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