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Audrey Tang

480 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by nanyjharon@sinarproject.org , Audrey Tang 480 days ago
nanyjharon@sinarproject.org APrIGF2016, Day 1: Protest, Privacy and the Private Sector
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Room 402 A+B
Expected speakers:
  1. Audrey Tang
  1. Mimie Rahman
  1. Minh Hoang Duc
  1. Ritu Srivastava
  1. Tehmina Zafar
  1. Ankhi Das
  1. Audrey Tang
  • Tehmina
  • Law mainly governed by the religion
  • No clear representation of the religion
  • Very strict and conservative
  • Govt try to curb online and offline in Pakistan
  • FOA online have positive stories, not just negative
  • Campaign clean your mosque
  • Offline protest about a religion in Islamabad
  • Should claim religious spaces on where there are and where it should be
  • Long way to go for improvement
  • Regulations not going on the right track
  • Prevention of the electronic crime bill - curbing FOE and FOA
  • Website run by LGBT group blocked by authorities
  • Govt have to rationalise what they are doing - example when a cleric is giving surmons, the govt blocked the public to see instead of stopping the cleric from giving surmons
  • Minh - activist in Vietnam
  • In Vietnam, we have to suffer censorship by other countries. Example, Facebook was blocked in Vietnam, SMS also blocked.
  • We need stronger platform.
  • When you organised a campaign, a lot of support needed online.
  • Participation needed to be managed on your own.
  • It is hard for organisers to communicate with protesters when authorities blocked network
  • Ankhi
  • Demographic in India is very young - robust youth marginal
  • Shutdown on internet or shutdown of mobile network? It can be both
  • When there is law and order problem, govt routinely authorises blocking orders on mobile network shutdowns across various states
  • Reason: national security
  • The world becomes more close from Brexit .... we advocate against shutdowns
  • The US Cyber Security Command Controls - the internet has not being shutdown in warzone areas in middle east
  • After Brussels attack, no network shutdown
  • Value of keeping the system up is more than shutting it down
  • Audrey
  • What can civil society do to affect real change? Occupy the parliament
  • Not just protest but it is a demonstration a new kind of participatory democracy - proof of concept
  • When people see this possible, then it gives them hope
  • If the states shutdown? Build everything from ground up if almost everything shut down from landlines to electricities
  • It works if the people can organize themselves

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