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sweemeng ng

345 days ago
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sweemeng n Round table of parliamentary openness 
Italy have open data since 2012. Have everything, Mp need education despite that. 
Data pushed are mostly documents, because that's what gov 
It is mostly driven by pmo. 
Ukraine pmo involve in deciding the data. Few. Who will use it, who will maintain, how to sustain. 
So who owns the data 
In Canada data is there, but nobody knows. They use ogp process. 
Parliament is by the people. Thus belongs to the people. 
Transparency movement seems as antagonistic against authority. Congress in US for example distrust public  too
Should national action plan for legislative openness  rely with government. 
Hackerlab Brazil, doesn't work, have lot of data, but not many people use it. 
Fairly normal for people not using legislative  data. And business exist to produce service for politicians. Thus have to do it anyway even if no user. 
It is about effective use. 
Nobody care about open data and parliamentary. It is about the issues 
And no connection between public conversation and parliament
It should be issue focus. 
346 days ago
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sweemeng n Panama papers 
Email hard to search therefore cross check with name db in batch 
Hard to find useful information many are meaningful 
Platform used is for secure access. 
Security is mostly on relationships. 
Indonesia have access to tax office cooperation. There is open data for court cases and crime. 
The team check with official source for validation for example company registry 
396 days ago
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sweemeng n Access to information - FOI and Open Data
Khairil Y Introduction speech by UK High Commissioner
  • FOI goes hand in hand with Freedom of Expression & Freedom of Press
  • Access to Information is not useful if it cannot be shared or used
  • Sometimes uncomfortable comes with the good
  • Essential for democracy
  • UK all public officials must register for any gifts worth more than GBP75, and return any above that amount
  • Held accountable under Bribery and Corruption Act
  • Changes culture, as you now think twice about who you are dealing with and how much time you spend with them 
sweemeng n Recap to Hannah Yeohs talk
  • there is challenges from the state to implement
  • culture issue
  • reluctance from official to release information#OGP @IDEASMalaysia 
  • punishment being open(prefer to wait for others to open up)
  • law issue
  • third party concent
  • people issue
  • not popular
  • people generally don't care
Khairil Y Miko, Open Data labs
sweemeng n
  • what open data can do and cannot do
  • ODL mostly work with open gov data
  • gov data owned by citizens
  • created by citizens
  • for citizens
  • FOI and OD
  • FOI guarantee data
  • if data released, then no need of complicated process
  • data should be open by default
  • limited exception
  • opentender.net 
  • collaboration with indonesia procurement agency with CSO
  • able to ind many instance of corruption
  • openroads.ph
  • see all road project being implemented
  • take photo of project status
  • nepals
  • aid is tracked
  • processes
  • open limited data
  • make online/offline engagement
  • promote
  • platform for conversation
Panel Session 2
How can malaysia benefit from FOI and OD
  • MP Steven Sim
  • reengineering governance
  • we got too many lawyers, econoist etc in politics
  • think more like engineer
  • producing tangible product/solution
  • allow innovative idea
  • Citizen Action Tech
  • allow 3 level transparency
  • no excuse at not solving problem
  • allow people to access performance
  • issue with portal
  • digitizing problem and also solution from offline processes
  • CSO propose a form to local gov
  • townhall is important, so it s implemented
  • Siti Artah, Unicef
  • child education
  • example from nepal
  • tied with SDG
  • work on equity
  • look at vulnerable group
  • by economics
  • sex
  • educational a
  • survey/ have issue
  • certain poeple tend to be missing
  • groups is different
  • need to be disaggregated
  • so that policy is more effective
  • robert booth, world bank
  • focus on service delivery
  • data is foundation of good and evidince based decision making
  • strong correlation between investment in gov system vs budget transparency
  • need a strong demand from civil server and cso
  • Alan, PM Dept
  • community integrity building
  • empower local citizen, to involve in local gov to improve service deliver
  • working with IIM
  • based on Fixed rate
  • step 1 context sensitivity
  • contex and stakeholder analyssi
  • community engagement
  • establishing baseline
  • step 2 joint learning
  • identifying community/monitor
  • train monitor
  • joint working grou
  • selecting project to monitor
  • step 3 Evidence based
  • collect, analyse and verification
  • Step 4 constructive engagement
  • sharing finding
397 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by sweemeng ng 397 days ago
sweemeng n Smart Cities Asia: “Uberization” of Cities
Cancel that, I am out of battery
397 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by sweemeng ng 397 days ago
sweemeng n Smart Cities Asia: ICT Development Towards Municipal Projects & Smart Citizens
  • NTC
  • 4 mil citizen
  • 2000 KM^2
  • 29 admin district o.O
  • citezen centric
  • governance
  • collaboration
  • public service
  • with a cloud service
  • 1 website for all service
  • have usual e-gov stuff
  • one stop center
  • use videocall
  • updating information will trigger notification to all agency
  • and more egov stufff
397 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by sweemeng ng , Khairil Yusof 397 days ago
sweemeng n Smart cities asia : Beyond Cities –  Selangor’s Case Study of a Smart State
  • Smart selangor
  • 12 local authorities
  • next 5 years, 5-7 cities
  • approach
  • citizen centric approach(?)
  • priorities spending (?)
  • fact-based state policies(?)
  • start on oct 2015(?)
  • Smart Selangor Delivery Unit(SSDU) formed under MBI on april 2016
  • blueprint and 4 pilot project
  • stakeholder engagement labs
  • 12 initiative by 12 agencies
  • lab enggement approach
  • find pain point
  • discuss with state agencies
  • come out with pilot project
  • and have open days
  • domain
  • smart governance
  • IoT analytics
  • use ibm bluemix, ms azure
  • govt response back to people
  • you don't need this for budget
  • selangor based app development platform(?)
  • sensors 
  • tech
  • simple dashboard
  • smart transport
  • covered cycle path...... 
  • free bus service
  • wait there is an app???
  • waste management
  • no concessionaires for garbage collection
  • have service to collect garbage with 3 days SLA
  • monetization of recyclable 
  • pilot projects in 2016
  • imrpove collection of waste
  • do in 1st july 2016
  • upgrade collection assets
  • add trackers and remote camera on the truck
  • operated by control center for monitoring
  • receive complains and location
  • system aduan rakyat selangor, a toll free number for complaining everything
  • app for android to take photo for reporting garbage
  • 3 days to collect garbage pies
  • klang river clean up
  • garbage trap
  • sensors
  • potholes reporting and repair
  • with waze
  • with google/waze initiatives
  • riverside transit oriented development
  • klang valley river development
  • willl there be a data portal
  • will need to check out who will access data
  • insight go back to the state
800 days ago
sweemeng n Civic Tech Meetup 2015-09-12
**This of this as a guide not a formal agenda**
  • Agenda
  • Introduction to each other
  • Introduction to sinar
  • Ask for knowledge in civic tech
  • Introduction to civic tech
  • or demo our project
  • Brainstorm
  • Find out level of knowledge in participant
  • find out if participant have existing project
  • Find out issue that participant interested
  • Find out issue participant interested
  • Find out tools participant interested
  • How to help 
  • How we can help
  • What the participant hope to see
Salocin T
  • Who is who (in attendance)
sweemeng n **put your name here please, thanks. Nick is fine** 
Shawn T
  • Shawn Tan - electronics engineer with a law degree.
Salocin T
  • Salocin.TEN = Wordpress & PHP developer by day. Trying to make Internet to be used for good. www.findrecycler.com & soon a location-based scam finder.
Jun W
  • Jun Wen 
Ng W
  • Foong Wai, NUS - interested in running Civic Tech Hackathon/Jam based on open space technology (based in SG)
Lian K
  • Lian Jim - Full time Freelancer
Choon-Siang (
  • Choon-Siang - Software Engineer, twitter @jeffrey04
  • Sam Ng - (Internet) Systems Engineer. interested in finding out how/what can be done in the civic space in Malaysia via tech. Awareness & inspired on Civic in tech by MIT's civic media project http://civic.mit.edu/. Currently more active in the maker scene in Klang Valley.
Khairil Y
  • Khairil Yusof khairil.yusof@sinarproject.org kaerumy 
  • Coordinate Sinar projects as org / source funds
  • International Open Governance Data Standards
  • Transparency & Governance
  • Despatch boy for Nany and Sze Ming
  • Michael Leow - leow@sinarproject.org - FOI Guy 
sweemeng n
  • sweemeng -  sweester@sinarproject.org - resident tech person 
Salocin T
  • Notes go here (any other business)
sweemeng n
  • Open space technical
Salocin T
  • Malaysia Day meetup?
Ng W
  • Civic Tech - use technology for public goods, and governance.
  • MY MP - goods, legislation, partner with UndiMsia
  • BillWatcher - legislation & goods, scraper
  • Aduanku.my - users submit complaints, reporting of issues is done manually without integration to TC's interface
Salocin T
  • OpenDataGov hackathon Cyberjaya
Ng W
  • Sinar project - report on facts
sweemeng n
  • There is interest in highlighting small law. Expand billwatcher on this. 
sweemeng n
  • aggregate feeds on agency
Salocin T
  • twitter.com/puspel
Ng W
  • Language barriers to civic awareness - English fluency helps
Ng W
  • CodeforAmerica - good dev group, good support for data, work inside gov
  1. How to understand parliamentary documents?
  1. What to do with the information? Pet Lovers - Animal Rights Bill being passed, what's the impact? How to understand legalese?
  1. Get people involved - Get MPS, not just about building tools, but get people to use it, to create impact, to know what people are interested in.

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