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Jun Wen

800 days ago
sweemeng n Civic Tech Meetup 2015-09-12
**This of this as a guide not a formal agenda**
  • Agenda
  • Introduction to each other
  • Introduction to sinar
  • Ask for knowledge in civic tech
  • Introduction to civic tech
  • or demo our project
  • Brainstorm
  • Find out level of knowledge in participant
  • find out if participant have existing project
  • Find out issue that participant interested
  • Find out issue participant interested
  • Find out tools participant interested
  • How to help 
  • How we can help
  • What the participant hope to see
Salocin T
  • Who is who (in attendance)
sweemeng n **put your name here please, thanks. Nick is fine** 
Shawn T
  • Shawn Tan - electronics engineer with a law degree.
Salocin T
  • Salocin.TEN = Wordpress & PHP developer by day. Trying to make Internet to be used for good. www.findrecycler.com & soon a location-based scam finder.
Jun W
  • Jun Wen 
Ng W
  • Foong Wai, NUS - interested in running Civic Tech Hackathon/Jam based on open space technology (based in SG)
Lian K
  • Lian Jim - Full time Freelancer
Choon-Siang (
  • Choon-Siang - Software Engineer, twitter @jeffrey04
  • Sam Ng - (Internet) Systems Engineer. interested in finding out how/what can be done in the civic space in Malaysia via tech. Awareness & inspired on Civic in tech by MIT's civic media project http://civic.mit.edu/. Currently more active in the maker scene in Klang Valley.
Khairil Y
  • Khairil Yusof khairil.yusof@sinarproject.org kaerumy 
  • Coordinate Sinar projects as org / source funds
  • International Open Governance Data Standards
  • Transparency & Governance
  • Despatch boy for Nany and Sze Ming
  • Michael Leow - leow@sinarproject.org - FOI Guy 
sweemeng n
  • sweemeng -  sweester@sinarproject.org - resident tech person 
Salocin T
  • Notes go here (any other business)
sweemeng n
  • Open space technical
Salocin T
  • Malaysia Day meetup?
Ng W
  • Civic Tech - use technology for public goods, and governance.
  • MY MP - goods, legislation, partner with UndiMsia
  • BillWatcher - legislation & goods, scraper
  • Aduanku.my - users submit complaints, reporting of issues is done manually without integration to TC's interface
Salocin T
  • OpenDataGov hackathon Cyberjaya
Ng W
  • Sinar project - report on facts
sweemeng n
  • There is interest in highlighting small law. Expand billwatcher on this. 
sweemeng n
  • aggregate feeds on agency
Salocin T
  • twitter.com/puspel
Ng W
  • Language barriers to civic awareness - English fluency helps
Ng W
  • CodeforAmerica - good dev group, good support for data, work inside gov
  1. How to understand parliamentary documents?
  1. What to do with the information? Pet Lovers - Animal Rights Bill being passed, what's the impact? How to understand legalese?
  1. Get people involved - Get MPS, not just about building tools, but get people to use it, to create impact, to know what people are interested in.

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